Ink Monkey Magazine is published once or twice a year, and is dedicated to the advancement of quality writers everywhere, regardless of genre and subject matter.

The majority of the work published in Ink Monkey is fiction.  We will consider any submissions under 8,000 words.  At least 80% of every issue will be dedicated to fiction. 

However, while our focus is fiction, our goal is to help quality writers see themselves in print.  We will consider poetry and drama.  Also, non-fiction writers, memoir-esque writing may be considered, but we will not accept journalism, book or music reviews, etc. 

And, now that I said that, a short note about poetry - Dr. Seuss is great if you're eight, but this is an adult magazine.  I want to be wowed with wording, not lulled to sleep with cutesy rhyming couplets.  Not to say that it can't rhyme, but if it does, you had better really believe in it.  You may submit up to 5 poems per issue, but only one submission.  Please attach each poem separately.

  In each issue, I select an art array that tells a story in itself.   Even though the magazine is dedicated to mostly fiction, I understand that fiction isn't the only way to tell a story.  Hence the artwork.  These pieces aren't meant to go with the stories they fall in, but to tell one of their own.  As an added bonus, they break up the huge wall of text and provide a little visual interest through the magazine. Artists are selected because of their eye for detail and their ability to entertain us on their own.  

Would you like to see your name in the covers of Ink Monkey?  Please review and follow these submission guidelines:



  • All submissions must be made through SUBMITTABLE.  Any emailed submissions will be automatically rejected.
  • Submission format notes - no hard tabbing! (do not hit the tab key to indent paragraphs!!); no extra spaces between paragraphs; single spacing preferred.
  • Real Name, Pen Name, Address and Phone Number are required in your query letter.  If you're going to give me the traveling salesman excuse, use your mother's address.  If you can't be bothered to give me this information, I can't be bothered to publish you.  
  • THIRD PERSON bio required.  Somewhere in the range of 2-5 lines.  I reserve the right to shorten this for length as layout requires.  There's also a very very good chance that I won't run a link, even if its to your own blog.  A NOTE ON BIOS:  Telling me every mag you've been published in isn't a bio, it's a list of credits.  I hate lists of credits - I don't care where you've been published before, your work is supposed to stand on its own merit every time.  Don't do it, it just pisses me off.
  • To submit, use the link below:


All submissions will be considered for the reading period they arrive in.  (Please note, these are guidelines.  In reality, issue dates could vary by a few weeks.)  While we make every attempt to review submissions in a timely manner, a response could take up to six months.  And even though I just said no simultaneous submissions, if you're going to do that anyway, notify us IMMEDIATELY.  There's nothing more annoying than getting a letter asking to remove a story that I've already placed in layout.  We often send the mag to print at the same time we send out acceptance letters. 

 We're sorry, but there is no payment compensation at this time.  Hopefully in the future, Ink Monkey will be able to compensate their authors in some way.



 Guidelines last updated - 30 March 2011

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