The Following Authors Have Appeared In Ink Monkey Magazine, Blots and Blots: Presents since their inception in 2009.  The biographies that appear are the most recently run:


Blacketer, Kirsten S. - Issue 2
Kirsten S. Blacketer is a stay at home mom with a passion for writing.  Words and the pictures they paint have enchanted her and to this day hold Kirsten captive.

Brown, Kevin - Issue 2
Kevin Brown recently won the Permafrost Literary Journal's Midnight Sun Fiction Contest, the Touchstone Fiction Competition and placed third in the Cadenza Fiction Contest.  He has published in Alligator Juniper, sub-TERRAIN, Rosebud, New Delta Review, Underground Voices, Conclave, Crannog, Mississippi Crow, Vulcan, and NANO Fiction.

Carbis, Loki - Issue 1
Loki Carbis is young at heart, old in the head and somewhere in between most everywhere else.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia and is working on his first novel.

Clark, Catherine Casteel - Issue 1, 2; Zine 09.01
Catherine Casteel Clark has written short stories since she could form complete sentences.  She has had a short editorial published in her hometown newspaper as well as a book review published in Bookpage.  She is an assistant organizer for the Nashville Writers Group, and a member of the online WEbook community.  Catherine is a native Tennesseean and lives in Nashville, TN.

Compton, Sheldon Lee - Issue 2
Sheldon Lee Compton lives in Kentucky.  His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Keyhole Magazine, Fractured West, Ontologica, Inscape, Full of Crow, Eviscerator Heaven, The Lesser Flamingo, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Zygote in My Coffee, Kudzu, Tuesday Shorts, >kill author, New Southerner and many others.

Dillingham, Paul M. - Issue 2, 3
Paul M. Dillingham is a retired educator, missionary and minister.  He has one published book of short stories titled How to Choke a Cat on Hot Butter, and his articles can be found in Coin World, World Coins, and TAMS Journal.

Foster, Nathan E. - Issue 2
Nathan Foster is a bank teller in Ashtabula, Ohio.  He graduated from Heritage Christian School of Cadillac, Michigan in 1993.  He lives in a small town in Northeast Ohio with his Prince Charming, Jayson, and their cat, Diana.

Frenchie Marie - Issue 1; Zine 09.02
Frenchie Marie has been writing poetry just about forever.  She currently resides in Ashtabula, Ohio where she's  a stay-at-home mother of four.

Good, Howie - Issue 2
Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is the author of 10 peotry chapbooks, including Visiting the Dead (2009) from Flutter Press.  His first full-length collection of poetry, Lovesick, has just been published by Press America.

Greene, Joy - Issue 2
Joy Greene is a mentor/teacher for first generation college students at West Virginia University.  She has lived and written in and about Appalachia all her life.

Grey, John - Issue 3
John Grey is an Australian born poet, although he's been a US resident since the late seventies.  He works as a financial systems analyst.  His work has recently been published in Slant, Briar Cliff Review and Albatross with work upcoming in Poetry East, Cape Rock and Real.

Hailey, Rachel - Issue 3
Rachel Hailey is a twenty-five year old mother of two, and an author of two dark fantasy series.  She is waiting on the perfect agent to come and sweep her off her feet and help bring her imaginary friends to a book store near you.  For more information on Rachel's worlds and characters, please visit her at 

Halleran, Amy - Zine 09.01, 09.02

Haynes-Bailey, Mandy - Issue 1, 2
Mandy Haynes-Bailey is a natural born storyteller with an overactive imagination.  It all started with Uncle Wilkinsack and his seventeen kids at the tender age of four.  She has had stories published in Vol State's Number One, Vanderbilt's House Organ, and Ink Monkey Magazine.  Mandy lives in Nashville, TN, where she is currently at work on two novels and a collection of short stories.  She tries her best to act her age, but so far hasn't been able to make that stick.  Forty is the new twenty, right? 

Hicks, Daniel - Issue 1
My name is Daniel Hicks. I'm fifteen, I live in Nashville and I've needed a drink since 2nd grade.

Judes, Julie C. - Issue 2
Julie C. Judes is a Wisconsin fine artist who has recently egun to write short stories, some of which have appeared in The Rockford Review and Calliope (publication of the Writer's Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Inc.).  Most of her stories contain humor, and many have surprise endings.

Kanev, Peycho - Issue 2
Peycho Kanev loves to listen to sad music while he drinks slowly his beer.  His work has been published in Welter, Gloom Cupboard, Off Beat Pulp, Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, Outsider Writers, Mad Swirl, Side of Grits, Southern Ocean Review, The Houston Literary Review and many others.  He loves to put the word down and not talking on the cell phone for days.  He is nominated for a Pushcart Award.  He lives in Chicago.

Larsen, Tom - Issue 3
Tom Larsen has been a fiction writer for fifteen years and his work has appeared in Newsday, New Millenium Writing, Puerto del Sol and Antietam Review.  Tom's short story "Lids" was included in Best American Mystery Stories - 2004.  His novel FLAWED was released in October.

Lucas, Tracy - Issue 2; Zine 09.02
Tracy Lucas is a writer, book editor, and mom near Nashville, Tennessee, whose work has appeared in various places and will hopefully continue to do so.  She spends each of her days catching up.  When fighting the muse gets old and the laundry monster wins, she can either be found at her notebook, scribbling furiously, or at her blog, procrastinating with passion.

Lynch, Lisa L. - Zine 09.02

Lynch, Mandi M. - Issue 1, 3; Zine 09.01, 09.02
Mandi M. Lynch, 26, is an organizer for the Nashville Writers Meetup and a Municipal Liason for NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy.  When she's not writing, she's a docent at Nashville's Parthenon.  She lives in Nashville, TN, with two cats.

Markowitz, Jeff - Issue 1
Jeff Markowitz is the author of the Cassie O'Malley Mysteries, an amateur sleuth series set deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  He is a proud member of  Sisters in Crime and the Mystery Writers of America.  Jeff's third novel, It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder will be published by Gale Cengage in October 2009 (

Martin, J.H. - Issue 3
J.H. Martin was born in London, England. In search of joy and experience he hitched and wandered across Europe, then made his way to the Far East and traveled extensively in the wilds of China where he now resides, and has done for 8 years, as a recluse in the Sichuan countryside.

Masterson, Logan L. - Zine 09.01

Mears, Joanne - Issue 2
In her much younger days, Joanne sang on the Wayne Mackey show for Cleveland Public Television.  Now, the mother of four, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of five spends her time in a quiet little town in Ohio.
Editor's Note:  Joanne won her fight against cancer when she left this world on November 19, 2009.  She will be deeply missed.

Migman, Dave - Issue 3
Dave Migman is all fiction dressed up as fact.  His work has appeared here and there, but mainly there.  He currently lives on a very small Greek island, which sounds great but isn't as he has a phobia of the ocean.

Muranaka, DN - Issue 2
DN Muranaka works primarily as a poet and his poems have appeared in such literary reviews as the Clackamas Literary Review, Hawai'i Review, Bamboo Ridge, and most recently in the Connecticut River Review.  Prose has appeared in Under the Sun.  He holds an MFA from Eastern Washington University and currently lives in Boston.

Nadolny, Jayson D. - Issue 1
Jayson Nadolny is the Director of the Ashtabula GLBT Outreach Foundation in Ashtabula, Ohio.  He earned his Doctor of Theology degree from St. John's. He currently works in the Healthcare Security field and resides in Conneaut, Ohio.

Nelson-Hicks, Nikki - Issue 1, 2
Nikki Nelson-Hicks is a struggling writer with an attention deficent muse.

Nezafati, Peter - Issue 2
Peter Nezafati is a wretched bottom feeder dwelling amongst the pretty ones in Southern California, passing off, with every bit of craftsmanship, as one of their own.

Nichols, Ryn - Issue 3
Kathryn spent much of her youth bouncing around the U.S. until finally landing in Los Angeles where she tried to live like Hemingway and Van Gogh, but she couldn't grasp the alcoholism, the drug addiction, or the crazy.  So, she got over it and moved to Nashville, where she spends her days taunting hillbillies and crafting new worlds in her spare time.

Pobo, Kenneth - Issue 2
Kenneth Pobo won the 2009 Main Street Rag poetry chapbook contest for his manuscript called "Trina and the Sky."  His stories appear at: Word Riot, Galleon, Verbsap, Tonopah Review, and elsewhere.  Catch his radio show, Obscure Oldies, each Saturday from 6-8pm EST at

Porter, Jonathan Cody - Issue 3
Jonathan Cody Porter is a student from Prestonburg, Kentucky where he has been born and raised in the foothills of Appalachia by his parents, Ray and Sally Porter, each from the area as well.  Jonathan is enrolled at Big Sandy Community and Technical College, where he will be receiving his Associate in Arts this coming May, the first in his family to do so.  In the Fall, he will transfer to the University of Kentucky to pursue his goal of one day becoming a Sports Journalist by obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Journalism.

Posecznick, Melissa  - Issue 1
Melissa Posecznick enjoys spending time with her husband and has recently decided that her favorite sound is that of her dog snoring.

Rogers, Jenny Calihan - Issue 1, 2; Zine 09.01
Jenny Callihan Rogers is yet another person who has obtained degrees that are useless in the real world. She spends her days reading, drinking too many cans of Pepsi, eating copious amounts of Cadbury Chocolate, and dreaming of life in the Irish countryside.  She resides in the "deep dark hills" of Eastern Kentucky, with her husband, Steve, and her beautiful furbabies Zoe and Stormie.

Santell, Travis - Issue 3
Over the last few years, Travis Santell's fiction has been published in such anthologies as the award-winning Silent Voices, the Random House collection 30 Under 30: Best New Voices of 2006, and the cult-journal From the Asylum.  His most recent book, In the Shadow of Freedom was purchased by Atria and is scheduled for an August 2010 release date.

Sieben, Ken - Issue 2
Since 1987, eighty-three of Ken Sieben's stories have appeared in various literary magazines and anthologies, including Pig Iron, Thema, Skylark, Sensations, and Words of Wisdom.  His first novel, Joanie M, was published in 2007.

Silvey, Linda - Issue 3
Linda Silvey is a thirty-something year old female who has recently rediscovered her love and passion for writing.  She has two novels, two screenplays, a short story and several poems in various stages of creative development.  This does not include any of the ideas that frequently and randomly pop into her head at the most inconvenient of times.  A California native, she currently resides in Clarksville, TN.

Sullivan, Thomas - Issue 2
Thomas Sullivan's writing has appeared in Word Riot and 3AM Magazine among others.  His memoir of teaching drivers education (titled Life in the Slow Lane) is forthcoming from Uncial Press in February, 2010.  Thomas lives in Seattle.

Switaj, Elizabeth Kate - Issue 2
Since receiving her MFA from the now-defunct New College of California Poetics Program, Elizabeth Kate Switaj has published Magdalene & The Mermaids (Paper Kite Press), Shanghai (Gold Wake Press), and The Broken Sanctuary (Ypolita Press).  Her short stories have appeared in Colored Chalk, The Death Mook, Ruins: Extraterrestrial, and Gratitude with Attitude.  She is currently researching James Joyce at Queen's Univeristy, Belfast, Ireland.

Taylor, Gail - Issue 3
Gail Taylor is a new writer who completed the Certificate in Creative Writing and University of Toronto, and the writers' workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts.  Her fiction won the Random House Canada student award in 2007 and was published by Random that year in chapbook form; another short fiction was shortlisted for the Random House prize in 2008, and a collection of her short stories was shortlisted for the Marina Nemat award in 2009.  She has published non-fiction articles in the ezine Canadian Actor Online, and has produced several reports and studies for government.  In 2010, her short fiction will appear in Menda City Press, Halfway Down the Stairs, Cantaraville, and the Evansville Press.

Tuite, Meg - Issue 2
Meg Tuite has fiction pieces in The Boston Literary Magazine, Midnight Screaming Magazine, Galleys Online Magazine, Crash Magazine, Jersey Devil Magazine, SEspirit de Corps, and Fractured West out of the UK.  She won  a cash prize in the fiction contest at Santa Fe College that appeared in the special Fall 2009 contest issue.

Tyler, JA - Issue 2
JA Tyler is the author of the novel(la)s INCONCEIVABLE WILSON (scrambler books, 2009), SOMEONE, Somewhere (ghost road press, 2009) & IN LOVE WITH  A GHOST (willows wept press, 2010) & has had recent work with Sleepingfish, Caketrain, Hotel St. George, elimae, & Action, Yes.  He is also founding editor of mud luscious / ml press.

Verdino, Dana - Issue 3
Dana initially went to school for business but went crazy in her cubicle, so then she got an M.A. in Education, and now works as an ESL teacher.  Her stories have appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, and Chemistry and Numbers 2. Aside from teaching, cooking, and being lazy with her husband, her dog, and her two cats in South Carolina, Dana is currently working on a memoir.

Waldman, Mitchell - Issue 3
Mitchell Waldman's fiction, poetry and essays have previously appeared in such places as The Rochester Times-Union, Wind Magazine, Moronic Ox Literary and Cultural Journal, the HazMat Review, Innisfree, Poetpouri, the Advocate, Mobius and Poetry Motel and in the anthologies Beyond Lament and Messages from the Universe.  Mitchell is also the author of the novel A Face in the Moon and co-editor of an anthology entitled Wounds of War: Poets for Peace.

White, Ben - Issue 3
Ben White studies medicine in Texas and edits Nanoism, a journal for very very short stories.  His recent writing has appeared in PANK, matchbook, and elimae, among others.

Verdino, Dana - Issue 3
Dana initially went to school for business but went crazy in her cubicle, so then she got an M.A. in Education, and now works as an ESL teacher.  Her stories have appeared in Boston Literary Magazine and Chemistry and Numbers 2.  Aside from teaching, cooking, and being lazy with her husband, her dog, and her two cats in South Carolina, Dana is currently working on a memoir.


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