Remember the old style zines?  Before computers could do everything?

Think back to when people made them with scissors and glue... Yeah.  

That's what BLOTS is.  

I wanted that old time feel, the collage and the decorations.  I wanted something that I could make as I saw fit, feel, touch, move around... No computer, no clickety-clack of the keys.

That's what Blots is...

And I love it.



1. I'll only accept very short stories - think under 100 words here! - and poetry under 20 lines. 

2. Each Zine will be limited to 100 copies, no exceptions.  There will be space for 8 contributors.  And no more, no less.  

3. I may distribute them through Ink Monkey and non-Ink Monkey channels as I see fit.

4. Submissions can be made through our Submishmash editor.  Also, any short enough pieces submitted to Ink Monkey will be considered.  

5. Once an issue of the Zine is gone, it's gone, but since this is an ongoing project, I will always be working on it! 

Looking for Information on BLOTS PRESENTS or our poetry chapbooks? 

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